Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Day 84 | Tuesday

Annetta | My child is LOVING this time at home. He has little schoolwork (we focus on other kinds of learning) and plenty of playing time while being in his pajamas all day. My husband and I talk about how this season his little kid dreams are coming true. Plus, he won't be a kid forever, but soon a teenager in just three short years. 

Stephanie | Prepping some face masks. I have a large stash of fabric and I know how to sew, so I will work to make some face masks to help out the community. Waiting on some elastic to finish these test ones off for my family.

(Annetta's note: I LOVE how giving Stephanie's heart is. She is such a big giver with the biggest and kindest heart ever! Stephanie, you are AMAZING and I love you, friend!!!)

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