Sunday, February 10, 2019

Week 6 | Bavarian Beauty + Hidden Star

Week 6 | Bavarian Beauty + Hidden Star

Annetta | This week was crazy busy! We had Dr appointments,  extracurricular activities, meetings and so on this week. I kind thought it would be like last week and I would end up with an unfinished square, but luckily I made it! Most of my Saturday was spent working on the project as 'you gotta do whatcha gotta do'. I loved this weeks square. The design of the granny square is very unique, but I did find it so time-consuming. There were so many of those stars that required many trebles and I don't like those one bit. I made two adjustments in my project. For the last two rows, I did double crochets instead of the single crochets the patterns calls for. I noticed my square was going to be on the smaller side so making the adjustment was a really good call.

Favorite moment from the week:  It's been a while since my husband had gotten me 'just because' flowers. I'm a flower lover and need them in my life. So I decided to gently tell my husband that it's been a while and I would like some now. Well, he listened! He brought me the prettiest colored roses ever. I would say that was a favorite moment for sure.

Stephanie | So this Hidden Star pattern had this new block piece called the house square. This is where the block resembles a house because it has contrasting corners on a rectangle block. I was a little intimidated, but after a closer look, its basically the Flying Geese block from last week but on a larger contrasting main block. So it was simple to figure out once I put my anxiety away. Once the pattern comes together, there is a Hidden Star that emerges from those contrasting corners of the house blocks. I was ready to put this creamy tan print in a block and I felt this was a good one to let it shine. The red ties into the flowers from the main print, but gives a more striking star versus a hidden one.

Favorite moment from the week: This was a pretty lousy week for me. Ive been dealing with a lot of issues lately and they really took hold of me this week leaving me pretty grouchy and blah. The weather hasn't helped much either, its been cold and wet. I attempted to cheer myself up with a good podcast the other day, and I didn't want to just stare at my phone, so I pulled out some watercolors to attempt some painting. My two girls noticed and took over, creating quite the mess, but many-MANY painting, they had a blast.....and I let it happen.We also painted and assembled little bedside book shelves from the IKEA Spice Rack.


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