Sunday, January 13, 2019

Week 2 | Stretched 9 Patch + Spiro Star

 Week 2 | Stretched 9 Patch and Spiro Star

Annetta | I both love and dislike this weeks pattern. I want to try this pattern in other colors and give myself a chance to fix the mistake I see. The square challenged my tension. It was an easy project for the most part, but turning a circular flower into a square was tough. My square still wants to be a circle. I realized too late what was happening and didn't have time to rip back to fix it. I am hoping that when it's all sewn together the square will eventually even out. It's also amazing what a crochet hook can design with a simple string. When I put, my now two, finished squares together I see a lot of light blue and mint. It's hard not to rethink my color choices because it's too late.

Favorite part of the week:
My son and I had birthdays this week. He was on the 10th and I came on the 11th. celebrating our birthdays was the best part of my week. There was lots of eating out, cakes and presents, but there were no birthday songs because they don't do that in Slovakia. My son is growing up and I am turning older. 

Stephanie | This week I picked the Stretched 9 Patch pattern. This was a chaotic week for us, with my husband in Colorado for work, and my oldest going off to public school for the first time, I wanted something on the easy side that wouldn't cause any unnecessary stress for myself. I didn't want to have to think too much or fiddle around a lot, I needed simple. This pattern came together very similar to Week 1, so for anyone who is sewing along, this will be familiar. This block is only 2 colors. Color 1 cuts as 2 parts, the main center square at 6.5" and the 4 corner squares at 3.5". Color 2 is cut into 4 strips at 6.5" x 3.5".  As in week 1, sew a corner block to the top and bottom of 2 strips. Take the remaining 2 strips and sew them to the top and bottom of the main center block. Then sew those 3 columns together, remember to match up seams. Seam allowance at 1/4 inch.

Favorite part of the week: My favorite part of this week was when I picked up my daughter from her very first day of public school (4th grade) she tells me it was the best day ever and wants to continue with it next year. We have home-schooled since Kindergarten and we were both so nervous about this new adventure, but I felt it was the right choice this year to switch to public school for both my older girls. They and dad protested and so we stuck with home school again this year. My oldest and I just clashed too much with each other for it to be successful for us. She finally agreed to give public school a try for the remainder of this year knowing we would reevaluate for next school year come summer. So that first day when she was so happy and excited and certain that this is the path for her, I felt so happy, relieved, and validated that this was the right choice for us.  I also took down all Christmas decor and added a new little table to my sewing spot - yay!

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