Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Year To Inspire | 2015 Sketchbook

A Year To Inspire 2015 will look a little different then it did in 2014. This year we will be working on a sketchbook project and it will be a weekly project. This will help us to capture the world around us, but still have time for those other projects and ideas that we personally want to do throughout the year. At the start of our A Year To Inspire Sketchbook we will be taking the Sketchbookery class by Marry Ann Moss. It will be setting the tone to how our sketchbooks will look like. Our goal is to sketch the world around us from breakfast to the places we go and the things we see. 

Since last year project was such a big project we have decided that we will be posting weekly. Along with our posts we will be posting a photograph of something else that we have done in the creative field from a cross stitching project to our polaroid captures. We want to have time to explore other creative outlets this year, but share our discoveries with you! Our posts will be every Sunday and only on Sundays. 

If you decide to join us for our weekly, we would be honored to have you! Just hashtag your images to #ayeartoinspire52 and we will feature an image once a week along with our posts!

Please visit us for our first post this Sunday January 4th! Happy New Year and welcome back!


  1. I think my first comment disappeared. I think this is exciting and I look forward to following along. I did got to the site and the class is now closed.....but I'll do my best to follow along. I have some sketch journals that I've never used....and it's high time to fill them up and start using my drawing pencils again :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :) :) :)

  2. Hello and Happy New Year! What a twist from last year's prompts. Excited to see what you both do this year with your sketching. I've seen others take this class and it looks fun. Looking forward to the first post tomorrow. I will do my best to go along with you ladies and your sketching. YAY! Thanks for keeping us inspired another year.

  3. Hello! I'm french fan...I discovered you last november and I like so much your ideas. I admire your creativity... and ,I hope that I coule try this new any case ,I follow this.(please excuse my english)
    Happy new year!

  4. I didn't have time last year to join your 2014 project.. but I read your posts! And I really love your work - everything, from photos to art journal pages! I will try to join in this year, this project is perfect for me to practice my painting skill (or the lack of it :P). Thanks for such a big inspiration! Love you guys! :D


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