Friday, September 26, 2014

Day 269 | Park Bench

Prompt: Write a day in the life from the perspective of a park bench. What does it see? Who sits on it? What are their stories? What changes around it over time?

Stephanie | City folk bustle by as trees change green Lights flash, dogs bark, and children laugh. The sky above weeps and puddles form, splash!   

Annetta | I once was a park bench, but now I sit in a castle. The name of my new home is Zámek Hluboká. It is a really beautiful place. The move was hard at first, I missed the open spaces, the people I'd see going for strolls and the playfulness that surrounded me. I don't miss the lonely people, the ones who came to cry or came alone, hurt. I've learned to love all the languages I hear here at the castle. There are so many different types of people and I like to watch them all, I guess where they are from. If you are ever in the Czech Republic come visit me!

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  1. I will for sure go there to sit on this bench!�� Wish we could sit there together.


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