Friday, December 4, 2020

Day 339 | Friday


Stephanie | Shea helped me make some brownies today. Sending them off with hubby tomorrow to give out to his troops.

Annetta |

Day 338 | Thursday


Annetta |

Stephanie | Working hard to get things mailed off to arrive before Christmas. Made 2 trips to the post office this week!


Day 337 | Wednesday


Stephanie | Trying something new with all these left over oranges. Going to dry them out and see if I can string them into some cute decor.

Annetta |


Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Day 336 | Tuesday

Annetta | It's Decmember! It's also our last month of this year-long project. We have officially decorated our tree and set up the advent calendar. 

Stephanie |

Day 335 | Monday

Stephanie |

Annetta | I had a photoshoot scheduled for today, but they canceled right before it started so I was left trying to meet a deadline without models. 

Day 334 | Sunday

Annetta | Today I am thankful for a Sunday morning at home and church in the evening. 

Stephanie |

Day 333 | Saturday

Stephanie |

Annetta | We had a very small group of people for Thanksgiving this year due to COVID. We has so much fun though eating good food, chatting and playing games. 

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