Monday, October 19, 2020

Day 293 | Monday

 Stephanie |

Annetta | We decided to keep the kid home for the time being. It's daily walks for us if the weather is nice. 

Day 292 | Sunday

Annetta | Went on another photography walk, but this time it was with my friend and we enjoyed a long 2-hour walk. 

Stephanie |

Day 291 | Saturday

 Stephanie |

Annetta | It was a bummer of a Saturday. I worked, cleaned, and cooked. I also decided to take back my new camera and get a different model. 

Day 290 | Friday

Annetta | It's been a quiet Friday at home. With all the rain coming down and flooding around Slovakia we didn't really go anywhere or do much of anything.

Stephanie |

Day 289 | Thursday

 Stephanie |

Annetta | Went on a photography walk with my sweet boy. Trying to keep him active while he's at home from school. 

Day 288 | Wednesday

Annetta | I find the original cinnamon roll recipe disgustingly sweet. So today I tried a less sweetened version, but just a delicious. I'll be making these again in the future!

Stephanie |

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Day 287 | Tuesday

 Stephanie |

Annetta | Today my husband surprised with a package. In that package was a new-to-me Canon 5D Mark III. We've been talking about an upgrade from my 7 year Canon 7D, but I had no clue he actually got one!

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