Sunday, August 18, 2019

Week 33 | Sawtooth Star + The Aztec Granny Square

Week 33 | Sawtooth Star + The Aztec Granny Square

Stephanie | So now that I am repeating all of the blocks, I look back at my first round and try to come up with different color options so I don't end up with matching blocks. I didn't do that this time, I just went for it. I like the teal/pink color combo. I dont like how the flying geese come together, they are never quite right, the instructions for them in this book kinda make me mad.

Favorite moment of the week: Finally getting the kids sent off to school, now we are getting back into a routine and it feels great. We also had some friends over for dinner and I got to snuggle their new baby the whole time, it was a great night.

Annetta | This weeks square was easy peasy and to tell you the truth, I needed an easy peasy one plus quick. I also like the looks of this square. I've decided to make all four of my squares the same color and not change it up on each square. When I make the next four squares I'll do the color change then. The only thing that I did differently is I added the row of white to bring my stitch count to 22 stitches like the rest of the squares. I'm looking forward to this one in the next round of four.

Favorite moment of the week: This week we went on our last vacation. It really wasn't a vacation, but a conference that we went to, but it was in the Austria Alps and super gorgeous. We stayed at the conference centre almost the whole (the conference centre was a castle). There was one day where we went into a canyon that took up 2,000 meters up with a wooden boardwalk and stair while a ragging river roared below. There were so many favorite moments this week, but this one was one of them.

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