Sunday, August 11, 2019

Week 32 | The Compass Granny Square + Squared Up

Week 32 | The Compass Granny Square + Squared Up

Annetta | I've had a full week with so many personal projects from photobooks to new sweater because I feel like I want to be ready for fall this year plus many people came to stay with us this week. I therefore only managed to crochet one square this week and not 4 like I was supposed to. I did catch up on my squares last week so I am sure I will catch up yet again. This weeks square was a new one for me. It wasn't hard, but there were moments where I really needed to focus on what I was doing and having a house full of guests didn't help things. I've done a lot of circle squares, but this one seemed to have so many stitches that it kinda took a while to get through the whole square. I am happy that this square looks more like the heart one I did a couple of weeks ago. I'm amazed at how quickly my granny square pile is growing.

Favorite moment of the week: I actually enjoyed a trip to IKEA this week. There were some fancy frames that I wanted from there so we went on Monday. When we got to the picture frame section I couldn't find what I was looking for and realized I was too late as they must have discontinued the frames I wanted to purchase. It was a sad moment as I walked through the rest of IKEA deflated trying to figure out what I will do with that empty spot in the entryway. The frames were going to be so perfect there! Upon reaching checkout I told my husband I was going to check the discount section to see if a miracle was waiting for me there and I would find the frames I wanted. After slowly walking through the whole discount section with all of its odds and ends I see two boxed items near the floor. I didn't see the frames, but I KNEW that those two brown cardboard boxed held the last TWO frames in all of Europe. I picked up the boxes and squealed. I must have looked funny as people turned around to stare. PEOPLE, the two frames that I wanted were sitting right there waiting for me and they were on sale!!! I mean come on! That was my favorite moment of the week. I didn't realize how big the frames were but upon hanging them they fit just perfectly. And can I say THANK YOU JESUS!! Yea... I'm pretty excited about this big love hug from God.

Stephanie | This week has been such a blur that I didn't get to my sewing until today. Its a busy season right now with back to school prepping that my focus hasn't been sewing or anything else. I like the fabric choice for this block this round. I can't even remember what I did last time, but I like it this time. I like the contrast between the dark navy corners and the tiny pop of pink. I haven't even used this green fabric, so it was fun to play with it, I think it adds just the right amount of green to blend in with the floral feel.

Favorite moment of the week: This week are are swimming in chicken eggs as the babies really get into laying. And we bought a new car. It was time to upgrade, our Tahoe wasn't meeting our needs anymore and it was blasting hot air only which is no fun when its 100+ degrees out.

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