Monday, May 6, 2019

Week 18 | Denna 2 + Yankee Puzzle

Week 18 | Denna 2 + Yankee Puzzle

Annetta | I went against my new rule on this one and added a lot of charcoal to the square. For some reason, I wasn't feeling the other colors. When I line this square up to the rest of them I see how much it stand out and I don't like that, but it's too late to change that. I thought that all my second squares would be my favoite and way better then the first option, but this one has me guessing that. I also made sure to start the square early because it had 18 rows or something but found myself laying a little bit of catch up on Sunday. This project is just so massive and so much work in general. Why do I always pick the most complicating and time-consuming projects?! When I put all the squares together you can really see the scope of this project and the details that go into it. Which version of the square is your favorite, week one or week two?

Favorite moment of the week: I got to go see Avenger's Endgame finally. That was the highlight of my week for sure. It wasn't planned, but we had a babysitter on Frida and my husband was up for it so that was pretty cool. I am also thankful that I have a job that enables me to do things like seeing a movie, buying all the yarn I want and so on. 

Stephanie | This block is the Yankee Puzzle. I had 2 choices for the colors in this block and I ended up using the same color scheme from the example in the book. I have decided to make 2 smaller quilts rather than one large one during this project. I will make 25 blocks for each quilt. Each quilt will have the same patterns but with different color choices. So the other colors I like for this block will be used next time around. I really like the end look one this pattern and I like the look of all solid fabric. It was easy to work up as it was all half square triangles. This could make a fun larger quilt using varied solid prints throughout.

Favorite moment of the week: This was a crazy week. I had many large and time-consuming projects to do, chickens that we being very naughty and kept getting out of the coop, standardized testing in school along with the normal chaos that is my life right now. But my favorite thing that happened this week was being able to put my new roses in the ground, even though that was quite the chore! And having a package found that had been MIA for a week. My mail driver was able to locate my package that was delivered in the wrong part of town in an abandoned mailbox. This was an order of new fabric and I was getting very worried that it was lost for good. I was VERY happy when she found it and delivered it to me.

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