Monday, May 27, 2019

Week 21 | Fourth Of July + Rachel

Week 21 | Fourth Of July + Rachel


Stephanie | This was a easy block to put together. It just consists of 8 rectangles each with a contrasting square sewn at the diagonal and trimmed. I stuck with the red/white/blue colors on this one. I could see a really cool Americana quilt with this pattern and a variety of red/white/blue fabrics. I think when I do this block again I'll switch up the color scheme. 

Favorite moment of the week: I really enjoyed helping with some design work for church. I was able to give my feedback on some upcoming designs. I've been wanting to do things like that for a long time, but just haven't had an avenue to pursue them. I let it be known that I want to help out in the graphics/media area and they seemed to be all excited to have my offer. So here's hoping that all works out.

Annetta | At the beginning of the pattern it states to size up a crochet hook, which I did, but halfway through I went back to my normal hook making the whole square smaller than the first. The bigger crochet hook was not a good hook to work with as it was very uncomfortable. Now that I had a smaller square I had to do my rounds a different way and not how the pattern asked for. This square is will with little mistakes that could have been avoided if I paid attention. I also tried something different with my vertical lines. My line from the last square were all different colors, but this time I am happy I made them white. This pattern was also one of the easier ones and I spent two whole days on it as I have other projects that are on deadlines.

Favorite moment of the week: I enjoyed going on a date with my husband this week. We did something different and walk around a lake, maybe it's a big pond, that's in the middle of the city. It felt a little like being back in Seattle at Greenlake. The sun nice and sunny that day too as our weather has been horrible, but it seems to have finally improved. After our walk, we sat down for a cup of Kafola and then went shopping for the picnic we had the next day.

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