Sunday, February 17, 2019

Week 7 | Tulip Ladyfingers + Fantastic

Week 7 | Tulip Ladyfingers + Fantastic


Stephanie | I thought this Tulip Ladyfingers was a cute pattern, I like the purple colors in the sample. I don't have any purple to chose from, so I picked a collection of pink, it was fitting for Valentine's Day this week. This pattern made me laugh because my friend Amber made a cat quilt using the same blocks as the corners of this one, and all I could see was tulips, where she saw cats. This block was easy to put together, my seems got a little off, but oh well.

Favorite moment from the week: This was a crazy week, we got lots of rain - it was expected to drop 4-7 inches of rain. I don't know how much actually came down but the area around us flooded like crazy. Plus the rainfall melted the snow in the mountains, so we had all the runoff as well. Roads leaving our home were closed, the creek on our property massively overflowed and widened. Luckily our house is positioned on a slope, so the creek is still at a good distance from the house. We did however see a truck and trailer that had been washed off the road with the flood waters and remains stranded in a ditch well off the road. Some fun news this week, we picked up about 25 fruit trees for the orchard and some citrus and avocado trees. YUM! Now we start the work on the garden and orchard.

Annetta | The name of the square is fantastic... I must stay that crocheting it was interesting for sure. It had quite the pattern to it. for about 3 rows there were two parts, which made the pattern a bit longer to work through. It was another busy week for me and I couldn't just work through the pattern throughout the week, I had to do most of it on Saturday (that was yesterday). I am really enjoying how you can start out with a circle, but at the end of the pattern you end up with a square. I also made a few adjustments to my last few rows because it was going to end up being on the smaller side. I knew this before I started the pattern, but decided not to go up a size and instead adjust in the rows itself. I'm now looking forward to starting to join all the squares I've crocheted so far.

Favorite moment from the week: This week was a good one and a hard one on so many levels. The favorite moment was spending the whole Valentines day with my husband. We had to go to the Foreign Police for somethings I needed to take care of and then afterwards we went out for lunch. We ended our day with dessert after Tin's school and played games before bed. Good day!

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