Sunday, September 1, 2019

Week 35 | North Star + Basic Granny Square

Week  35 | North Star + Basic Granny Square

Stephanie | I finally feel like I made a square as close to perfect as possible, even with 4 flying geese blocks. My geese had some issue while assembling, but once all together, the points look so good, the edges are straight and not wavy or curved, and all the seams on the backside look great. I am please with how this turned out.

Favorite moment of the week: Starting another quilt project and working it up as quick as its coming along. We also got our first duck egg this week, that was quite the surprise!

Annetta | I am thankful for this basic granny square. It's been a week with little motivation so figuring out a square that's too much work wouldn't have worked. I've done this square many times and so have other crocheters. It's a great simple pattern that is classic yet beautiful. It was also super quick to crochet which was super!

Favorite moment of the week: This week my son took an equivalent to a State Test we had in America. This goal was to test out of 2nd grade and it was in Slovak. He's only been going to a Slovak school since January so we were nervous for sure. He passed in Slovak with an A and a B. To celebrate we went to Family Park in Austria which is a theme Park. We had such a blast! Tin even went on some ride that would have made him run last year. It was such a fun time together as a family.

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  1. We are so happy you found us!! The journaling was a journey for sure and the best to you on yours. I hope you discover amazing things along the way. Yes, you are welcome to print for your personal journal and thank you for asking!


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