Sunday, July 14, 2019

Week 28 | Maybelle Flower + Friendship Star

Week 28 | Maybelle Flower + Friendship Star

Annetta | This week I've been working on a few things for A Year to Inspire. I am firstly slowly working always on joining all the squares from the previous blanket. It's going slower because I still have to add the final rows on some of the squares. Joining squares is never a fast thing, but a slow process. After all the squares are all joined I'll be plugging away at the border which might take forever. I didn't want to get stuck at this finishing bits and started my new project. Finding another crochet project like my last had proven to be difficult. I decided to put together the same squares into a blanket and make a chevron blanket all at the same time. We'll see how it all goes, but so far the two blankets are gorgeous. I'll show both of them.

Favorite moment of the week: All week I've worked part-time while my son had been home for summer break. That leaves not much for the rest of our days. We've spent our week at home or running errands. Saturday is the only real time we can go out and enjoy the week. So my favorite moment was heading out of the house yesterday. We went to a pretty cool cave yesterday. I don't have pictures because it cost about $9 for the right to take pictures. After the cave, we went out to eat and then met up with a friend and her kids for some ice cream and a short walk. It really was the perfect Saturday with a slow morning, afternoon adventure and a quiet evening at home.

Stephanie | So this friendship star looks more like how it is supposed to look. If you remember this was my epic fail block from Week 19. Where I was making a completely different block but totally screwed it up and had to salvage my cut fabric into a different block. So this is my 2nd attempt at this block and it looks so much better! I used printed fabric in all the squares unlike my original where I used more white and it looks unfinished.

Favorite moment of the week: I was able to fully assemble my meadowland quilt this week and now I am all ready to hand stitch the binding. After all these gifted quilts, I will finally have a quilt for me.

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