Sunday, June 30, 2019

Week 26 | Cat's Claw #2 + Open Star

Week 26 | Cat's Claw #2 + Open Star 

Annetta | I planned on making a different square, but my to-do list pilled on high before vacation and I had to pick a simpler square to complete. I think the Cat's Claw is an okay pattern, but not my favourite by any means. I, in the end, changed up many of the rows to make a different type of square. I'm not sure what I think of the end result? Thoughts?! Next week I will be joining ALL my square which might take me forever. I've never joined a blanket before so we'll see how it all goes. After joining it all together I just have the border left and then onto a whole new blanket that will be warm, woolly and ready for winter. Also, excuse my ugly picture of the square. I've had such a busy week that I forgot to photography the square until 9:30pm today. 

Favorite moment of the week: This week has been a crazy week with cleaning. I had to clean because the day Stephanie get back from vacation is the day I leave for mine. We also had invited our church family over for a game night, which was the highlight of the week for sure. With all of that, the best part is sitting back an enjoying your clean house. I didn't just clean it, I spring cleaned it from top to bottom and it took 3 days of non-stop work. So worth it!

Stephanie | I am now officially on round 2 of my blocks. This is the same block from Week 20. When I cut it out it left me with enough fabric pieces to make a 2nd square, so I saved that for my week on vacation. I pre-made this block to have when I am out of town. Everything about this block is the same as the original, based on how it is sewn together, there is no variation.    

Favorite moment of the week: I'M ON VACATION - WOOHOO!

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