Sunday, January 27, 2019

Week 4 | Le Vesinet + Cogwheel

Week 4 | Le Vesinet + Cogwheel

Annetta | So... About my square this week, I hate it. It was my fastest and easiest square to crochet thus far, but it really was not a favorite. I had to make so many of those triple trebles or whatever they are called and making more then 5 in a row is a big no no for me. For one reason or another, they turn out very floppy at the top of the stitch and it's just painful for me to make them. There came a point in my week where I need to work on the square, but after only a few stitches I threw the project aside and picked up my beloved knitting. Also, the last square I crochet was my favorite so far and this one was nowhere near as beautiful. I also found out I added the wrong shade of color that I had for another project. Somehow I mixed the colors and projects up, but I'm sure I can work that minor detail out. I really hope that my square next week will be a good one, one that I will actually really enjoy spending three hours a day crocheting.

Favorite moment of the week: This week was a tough one for me. I didn't really have a favorite moment, but the moments where I got to sit down in a quiet house to work on my Springtime Bandit shawl that I'm knitting with the local Slovak knitters. Those moments were also made better with a cup of tea or my coffee.

Stephanie | This week has been something else. The days just got away from me and now I am sitting here fighting a cold--thank you public school germs. So I wanted an easier block for this week as I have tons of sinus pressure, just picking out a block became quite the chore. I felt this Cogwheel (also known as Prairie Queen) block seemed simple enough. The example in the book showed a white fabric with a contrasting watercolor-ish print. I thought my floral on white would blend nicely. Now that the block is together, I wish I had picked something with more of a contrast, the pattern just doesn't show through as sharply as it should. Oh well, I really loved the floral fabric though, so pretty! The block came together pretty easy, but took longer that I had anticipated. Trying to square up the 4-square blocks while keeping the seam centered was quite the struggle for me, but once I was able to get my head around the problem, it all made sense. My tiny girl has loved helping me with my sewing, and Kitton loves to sleep on all my supplies. I think my favorite block from January was the Octagon.

Favorite moment of the week: My favorite thing about this week has been getting plans together for our garden. We moved 1 greenhouse around the property and set up another little one for seed starts. We planned out which crops we want to grow this season and have mapped out where they each will grow in the fields. I am currently pricing out different seed companies and the materials needed. We also bought some toy storage from Ikea for the kids, we finally were able to unpack some of their boxes from the move and get their rooms all organized. We also got a new bunk-bed and took down the baby crib for the last time.

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