Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Day 288 | Laughter

Prompt: Tell me about a time when you laughed so hard you couldn't breathe or when you could not stop laughing as a really inappropriate time.

Stephanie | A few months ago Annetta and I met up at a cafe to draft some journal pages. We snacked on some yummy food and had great conversation through our many hours creating. I cant remember what was so funny, but we both broke out laughing, laughing so hard and so long that we were crying. It was a good laugh that left our cheeks sore. I don't typically laugh like that with people, because I am not usually comfortable enough to laugh like that with most people, so it was especially good for me to get that good laugh in and connect with my friend. 

Annetta | I'm with Stephanie on this one! I too don't remember what it is that got us laughing, but I do remember that me laughing like a horse or a hyena kept us laughing for a long time. I have one of those laughs where if you get me really going you won't hear a sound from me and then all of a sudden when I catch my breath it makes a high pitch ugly sound, yup that would be my laugh. I inherited from my mother.

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