Monday, October 13, 2014

Day 286 | Biggest Dream

Prompt: With no limitations or inhibitions compete the following statement in as much detail as you and your pen can handle: My biggest dream is to....

Stephanie | My husband and I have a dream to have our own farmhouse and barn on several acres. We want to have a large flower and vegetable garden and fruit trees all over the property. A place for chickens and other farm animals, a horse stable for our oldest daughter. We want to be able to grow and produce our own food and live off the land away from the rest of the world. 

Annetta | My biggest dream that I have is to have my work, all of it which includes being a wife and a mother, reflect God's love. I've been finding out that no matter how big my dream is, if God's not in it, it means nothing. Even being "just a mom & wife" with God is a bigger dream then say having my own best-selling book or having everything I could ever want, but still be empty inside. This is what I truly believe and I hope that my life speaks for itself. PS. I AM NOT PERFECT ----> ask Stephanie.

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