Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week 9 | Plants

Prompt: Sketch your favorite plant.

Annetta | I honestly have SO many plants! Last time I counted them I was above 40. I had no I loved plants to much until about two years ago. I'll be selling them all in May so this was a perfect prompt to remember some of my favorite ones. Over the course of the next few month I plan to sketch some more. I ended up sketching my first succulent. They have been so popular on social media that I refused to cave into the hype and buy them. This one was gifted to me by a creative friend. I love it as it sits in a beautiful vintage tin mug. My other creative activity this week was a quick cherry blossom study in my sketchbook. The wonkier the better! I also finished a cross stitch I've been working on to gift to my mother-in-law. It's finally in the mail. I have a few more unfinished projects I plan on finishing up next week. Feels good to get them done!

Stephanie | I have many favorite plants, but cactus have such a personality, plus they looked fun to sketch. :) My other creative this week was 2 other sketches, both were inspired from old Country Living magazines. Both are smaller images in a larger wallpaper pattern. I just picked out different items I wanted to sketch. I m glad I was able to do multiple sketches this week, I really enjoyed trying to recreate these different prints.

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