Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 11 | Magazine

Prompt: Sketch picture from a magazine.

Annetta | I had great difficulty finding something I thought I could sketch. With all the stress of renovating an airstream, selling a house and moving I feel like I've lost my ability to sketch. Of course its all in my mind as when I actually sit down and do it all those thoughts fade away. I ended up sketching a dresser I saw in a past issue of County Living. I love how it turned out, but it did end up having an extra set of draws and the proportions are off. I'm also seeing a style emerge in my sketching that all my own. My other creative this week was doing a new embroidery piece for my sons bunk-bed in the airstream. He'll have a little corner to himself and I think this hot air balloon will be perfect and stands for adventure. Looking at the piece I wish I did it in a bolder color, but I'm sure it will turn out good either way.

Stephanie | I was out of town over the weekend, and even though I planned for it, I had technical difficulties and was unable to post on time. My apologies. I, in a hurry, grabbed a magazine for this prompt to take with me, not realizing I have already pulled out all the inspiring pictures for last years A Year To Inspire 2014 project. So I was rather discouraged, but decided to make the best of it and sketch the cover, its pretty right?! My other creative this week was to find a way to announce some exciting news to my family. I was lucky to have my papa, grandma, sister, and mom all in 1 place together. I have never seen both my papa and grandma together, so this was a fun treat. We were all together to celebrate my girls' birthdays, so this was the perfect time to share our news. I had them line up, hands out, each holding a card face down. In order they were to flip over their card and read it aloud, revealing the surprise. My mom got the riddle right away, almost jumping out of turn, while everyone else needed a few minutes to absorb the news. It was a fun way to reveal we are expecting baby # 3.




  1. Love the sketch you did. I don't think it matters that you have extra drawers.....take away the picture and you'd never know!

  2. I love these both so much!! I've been sketching from my magazines too.

    Stephanie, CONGRATS!! So sweet how you told them, the cards are lovely. I helped my sister tell the family about her second baby coming on her first daughter's 3rd birthday, it was a hit!


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