Monday, December 8, 2014

Day 342 | Fashion

Prompt: What trends in fashion do you particularly like or dislike?

Annetta | I dislike boyfriend jeans, the trendy brimmed hats hipsters are into, I do like the beanies though. I'm loving the oversized knit scarves over coats, all things floral, statement necklaces are cool (I can't wear them do to allergies), love me some skinny jeans and leggings. I don't really follow fashion too much and anything can be made wearable and cute. My goal for 2015 is to follow fashion bloggers and instagramers to stay current in fashion trends. I did giggle at Stephanie's list and had to agree on many of them.

Stephanie | Likes for men: uniform (military), clean and washed, jeans and t-shirt, classic preppy (sweater over polo shirt). Likes for women: blazers, boots, classic/retro styles, cardigans, lace. Dislikes for men: saggy pants hanging way down, socks with sandals, crocks, unkept facial hair, tank tops with large arm holes, gold chain neckless, playboy or demeaning screen tees, overly tight skinny jeans, items that feminize men. Dislikes for women: high waisted pants with shirt tucked in, crop top shirts for plus size women, jogger pants, acid wash anything, gold stretch leggings.  

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