Friday, August 8, 2014

Day 220 | 5 Good Things

Prompt: Tell me 5 good things that happened yesterday.

(this post was drafted a few weeks ago before Annetta's trip to Europe)

Annetta | 1. I cleaned my studio and made it all pretty 2. Had the beautiful Stephanie come over for journaling together 3. I watched a beautiful sunset through the window 4. Ate some really yummy food 5. Watched church online.

Stephanie | 1. The sun was shining. 2. Spent the night with Annetta working on our journals. 3. I knew my babies and hubby were having a fun day together at the lake with friends. 4. Annetta makes the most amazing meals, I love being at her house. 5. I had an easy hour long drive to Annetta's house without issues or traffic.

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