Sunday, February 1, 2015

Week 5 | Art Supplies

Prompt: Sketch your art supplies.

Stephanie | I am disappointment in my lack of pretty looking art supplies, but I sketched what I had out and available. My other creative this week was making another sketchbook. My friends daughter had her sweet 16 birthday party the other night, she is an artist, so I thought making her a sketchbook was be a great gift for her. However, I did not take any pictures of it as I was kinda in a rush to get it done. So, I decided to do another painting, trying to mimic a painting I have at home. The original is done with acrylic I believe, so mine doesn't look anything like it being done in watercolor, I was unable to get the nice layered/textured look, but overall its not too bad. 

Annetta | I haven't been doing much sketching this week, but spent my weekend catching up and did a few. I finally sketched my art supplies at my friends house during Superbowl. For some reason I've been avoiding sketching my supplies as I don't really own cool supplies yet and probably won't for now. I've been trying to simplify my life and the things I buy. I've also ran into self-doubt and complicate sketching in my head before I even start therefore making me not want to pick up a brush. On the upside, I'm finally learning about light and shadows and how to add them to my sketches. It really does come with practice! My other creative this week was working on my cross stitch that's I've been doing for a few months. I have one more section to do before the piece is fully finished. Hoping to get it done within the next few weeks. It's also time to research for a new piece to start!


  1. you are both very talented. the drawings are colorful, clear and wonderful. love the flower drawings from both of you. you obviously don't need a lot of supplies, the ones you have worked great!

  2. I have just found your blog through I just love the vibrancy of your work and it is very inspiring indeed. Will keep up to date with your goings on. I have a blog but I am a little random at posting stuff.x


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